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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Ponytail Holders

Yes, although they were designed to handle the thickest and heaviest of hair types, they are also gentle enough for delicate fine hair.

We didn't want to leave anyone out!

These were built to endure like no other hair tie before them. Some fans have reported being on year 2! To be safe, we'll say they will last you a good year, though technically, we haven't seen one that lost its stretch completely yet.

This does not cause creasing when used in dry hair. If used in wet hair, however, it is possible for hair to dry to the shape of whatever your current hold is.

Also, since denting generally comes from tightness, your hair should be safe with us.

If the bead comes off, you can re-attach it using any piece of string. Simply loop the string around the center of the Bunzee and put both string ends through the bead. Then slide the bead through the string and back onto the Bunzee.

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