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One hair tie. countless possibilities.

Experience your Perfect Comfy Hold

Discover your Ideal Settings for:

  • All-Day Comfy Lounging
  • Long Distance Running
  • Fiery, Competitive Pickleball

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unique. Stylish. fun.

Quirky New Arrivals

These cushy breathable hair ties aren't just comfier in your hair, but also on your wrists.

Hair ties or bracelets

On-the-Go Convenience

These stylish accessories will always be handy, especially when they match your outfit.

The Science of Hair-Breakage

Not to be confused with natural shedding, hair-breakage generally occurs at the point of hair tie contact creating wispy stray fly-aways.

Skinny Elastics

1. Wrapping & Tangling

Damage caused from trapped hair caught around a hair tie. When later removed, trapped hair is suddenly ripped out. Caused from hair ties that don't stretch enough to provide ample clearance when tying

Various types

2. Abrasive Material

Damage caused from continuous grating against rough textured hair ties including metal clasps. This is generally more severe with tighter and more constricting hair ties like traditional elastics since tightness drastically increases abrasion.

Plastic hair ties

3. Grippy Friction Snap

Damage caused from grippy plastic coatings, combined with sudden hair movements. Although great for grabbing hair firmly, sudden movements will cause hair to snap at points of stronger friction. These also cause slow abrasion damaging hair.